engineering services

Engineering Services

It takes more than a plan.  It takes the ability to combine power and potential in a way that makes your company stronger, faster and ready to handle tomorrow.  And we can take you there today.

ITG’s success is based upon the aptitudes and skills of its engineers, designers and managers.  Both technical and interpersonal skills are evident traits of the people ITG has attracted and retained.  The vast majority of people in this group has significant industrial experience that ranges from process engineering and design to production, manufacturing, and management.  Because of our focus on Renewable Fuels, Food and Beverage, Power and Water, and Manufacturing, as well as the excellent educational institutions across the USA, ITG’s staff has experiential depth and breadth.  As a result, the ITG project teams are highly client-oriented and the results are aimed at exceeding client expectations.

It’s not our expertise in one area or the other that sets us apart; it’s our ability to look at your entire system, from energy generation to process flow, and create integrated solutions that work.  System control and data management.  Analysis and engineering.  It’s not just one thing done well.  It’s everything done right.

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