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Energy Services

Exceptional energy services

At Industrial Technology Group, our advanced energy specialists can help you utilize today’s high-efficiency technologies to reduce energy consumption while maintaining or improving the quality of your working environment.  From strategic energy planning to the design, construction and implementation of new, cost-saving systems, we’ve got what it takes to make your limited energy dollars go further.

With sophisticated computer modeling, you can see the savings up front.  And with performance contracting, you can implement energy conservation measures with a  guaranteed savings contract and use energy savings to pay for improvements with no capital outlays.

Energy alternatives with bottom-line results

From executive offices to complex foundries and sophisticated surgical suites, we can lower your energy costs, decrease maintenance and reduce costly operational man-hours.


Utility Deregulation Analysis – Providing curtailment strategies, system monitoring, even the integration of complex information management systems

Rate Analysis – Checking utility bills, evaluating real-time pricing (RTP), analyzing usage and advising you on ways to alter your load profile

Energy Audit – Surveying all end-uses in the facility such as lighting, HVAC, energy management systems, manufacturing/ processing equipment and the building envelope to determine kW demand and kWh consumption, gas consumption, water consumption, operating hours and energy costs

Energy Modeling – Simulating the energy usage of your facility and comparing multiple “what if” scenarios to determine the optimum energy plan

Cogeneration Analysis – Examining the feasibility of generating your own power and recovering the heat produced for a wide variety of energy purposes

Gas Program Support – Assistance in procuring natural gas in the deregulated market, including determining daily and monthly allotments

Energy Management Systems – Consolidating and streamlining operations in order to reduce maintenance and the number of man-hours required for operation

Chilled Water Studies – Blending electric and natural gas cooling has the potential for significant cost savings, in part due to the high demand charges assessed by electric utilities during their peak summer season and low cost of gas during the cooling season

LEED Certification – Using sustainable design to improve building performance

Deregulation … rising costs … shifting environmental pressures.  When change is the only constant, you need someone who can help you take control.  To cut costs now.  And to secure your energy needs for the future.

Comprehensive Services

As a single source provider, we can use the results of our audit – along with input from your operations staff – to identify and evaluate potential energy conservation measures, engineer a variety of retrofit or efficiency strategies and analyze the best candidates for implementation.

Other services offered include:

  • Energy Outsourcing
  • Commodity Management
  • Energy Supply Negotiations
  • Technical Energy Audits
  • Commissioning
  • Building Monitoring and Communication Systems Integration
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Operations Monitoring
  • Construction Services and Management

Examples of energy conservation measures

  • Motor upgrades and variable speed drives
  • Electric chiller replacements/retrofits
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting retrofits and replacements
  • Energy management systems
  • Fuel switching: electric motors and chiller equipment replaced with natural gas-fired equipment


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