Preventative/Predictive Maintenance Planning


“Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.”  ITG has the tools and knowledge to make a successful maintenance plan to improve plant process output and manufacturing production.   

ITG has been providing Maintenance Planning services for more than 15 years to assist industrial plants in implementing preventative and predictive maintenance plans and training of their maintenance staff. Our maintenance planners have a thorough knowledge of the maintenance process and the ability to interface with a wide variety of plant personnel.

ITG provides Preventative/Predictive Maintenance Planning to our industrial clients as well as commercial and institutional clients.  The base plans that have been implemented include all process unit operations from product unloading through packaging, boiler, chiller, ammonia compressors, air compressors, and air handling units. 

Typically, a project consists of the evaluation of a new or existing production line or process area of a plant. Our maintenance planners travel to the facility and inspect all the pieces of equipment, interview the maintenance personnel, and collect all required data. Our assessment includes identifying each piece of equipment, identifying the entire maintenance staff, and understanding how all of the parts and pieces are operating currently. The next step is to develop an equipment-specific preventative maintenance plan and each individual maintenance task instruction set. This is followed by matching the maintenance tasks with all of the maintenance and operations personnel, and developing a 52-week plan for the production line.

In addition, ITG provides the service of entering the detailed maintenance task instructions in the client’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) as well as several different training options for the facility. Training includes basic training of maintenance personnel on executing the detailed task, development of predictive maintenance plans, spare parts controls, SAP system training, and advanced maintenance training. Clients can also take the 52-week plan and the individual instructions, and insert these in to their CMMS.

Many clients recognize the importance of implementing a Maintenance Plan provider to be part of their future installations.  Our maintenance experts serve as members of the project team from the onset of the capital approval through the duration of the project, operating as a component of the project process just as the project manager, engineer, and construction manager functions. Clients understand the need for this service because it provides the critical transition required to deliver a project from engineering to construction to plant personnel.

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