Reliability/Productivity Improvement Assessments, Confidential Client

Reliability/Productivity Improvement Assessments
Confidential Client

Provided on-site assessments of equipment and process reliability, identifying opportunities for improvement and cost savings. Industrial Technology Group resources acted as members of an Owner’s Assessment Team, spending one to two-week assignments in various facilities.

This Assessment Team looked at such issues as:
• Equipment Condition
• Equipment Operation/Downtime
• Process Operation/Efficiency
• Infrastructure (Steam, Air, Water, Facilities)
• Energy Savings
• Material Handling (Raw Materials, Finished Goods)
• Maintenance Processes/Capabilities (PM’s, Work Orders)
• CMMS Utilization
• Spare Parts Management

The opportunities listed included a description of the problem or event, recommended solution/scope of work, rough implementation cost estimate, and potential cost savings.

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