energy power and water

Energy, Power and Water

Knowing the most efficient and reliable way to deliver power is critical for today’s university campuses, medical centers, industrial complexes and utility companies.  Meeting the unique needs of each of these users required an experienced, reliable engineering partner.

The primary objective for any owner of an electrical distribution system is to ensure that users have continuous access to safe, dependable power.  A reliable, efficient power infrastructure provides the energy your business needs to conduct business  — from delivering healthcare or educational services to providing utility or industrial services.

At ITG, we understand the complexity of power systems and the responsibility owners face to provide service to a large number of users.  We have assisted a wide variety of clients with a range of specialized power needs, and we bring that professional knowledge and experience to work for you.

When you need to install a new electrical substation, revise your existing distribution system or perform load flow analysis, we’re your partner.  With our diverse experience we can solve your power system needs.

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