Central Chilled Water Distribution – Capitol Complex, State of Illinois

Central Chilled Water Distribution – Capitol Complex
State of Illinois
Springfield, Illinois

The State of Illinois Capitol Complex, consisting of thirteen buildings, had a decentralized cooling system that was failing due to age and required replacement. Industrial Technology Group recommended construction of a new central chilled water plant that would reduce the State’s energy and operating costs, as well as meet their goals for reduction of CFCs on the campus. Phase I of the project constructed a new addition to house two 1,100-ton double effect absorber chillers. Phase II of the project installed an additional 2,325 tons of high efficiency electric centrifugal chillers that utilized R-134a. Also included in Phase II was the installation of a chilled water distribution system incorporating high temperature differentials and variable flow pumping which distributes cooling to eight buildings. Services provided were engineering and life cycle analysis, equipment procurement, mechanical engineering, controls, electrical engineering, construction observation, and commissioning.

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