Major Utility Upgrade

Major Utility Upgrade at Chemical Processing Plant

Industrial Technology Group provided preliminary engineering services and is in the midst of final engineering for a utility upgrade at Dyno Nobel’s ammonium nitrate processing facility in Louisiana, Missouri. Dyno Nobel is co-located with another chemical processor, and they have shared many utility services in the past, including coal-fired high-pressure steam and co-generated electricity from steam turbines. Dyno Nobel is planning to install two natural gas-fired boilers to eliminate their dependence on their neighbor’s coal-fired boilers. Dyno Nobel has a process air compressor that is currently steamdriven that they are planning to convert to an electrical drive. The electric motor will be larger than 5,000 horsepower. The neighboring facility is also planning to discontinue electrical co-generation, which together with the air compressor drive replacement will greatly reduce the amount of steam generated at both facilities. All of these factors contribute to a project of great complexity, which ITG’s capable engineers are tackling.

Industrial Technology Group is providing the following services:

  • Process air compressor electrical drive design
  • Boiler and boiler building design
  • Design of new substation and any necessary switchgear, foundations, and connections
  • Natural gas distribution piping design
  • Instrument air compressor design
  • Design of heat recovery system for excess heat in process stack gases
  • Water treatment system design

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