Medina Valley Cogeneration Plant, AmerenEnergy Generating

Medina Valley Cogeneration Plant
AmerenEnergy Generating
Caterpillar Facility, Mossville, Illinois

Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant includes:
• 47 Megawatt Electrical Generation
• Combustion Turbines, Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG), and Back Pressure Steam Turbines
• 324,000 PPH Superheated Steam at 750°F, 600 PSIG
• 100,000 PPH Back-up Boiler at 250 PSIG Saturated
• Induction and Synchronous Generators
• 13.8 kV, 4.16 KV Volt, 480 Volt, and 120 Volt Plant Electrical Systems
• 138 KV Utility Interconnect

Chilled Water Plant includes:
• 7,200 Tons Refrigeration Capacity
• Electric Centrifugal Chillers and Steam Absorption Chillers
• Natural Gas Engine Driven Centrifugal Chiller
• High Delta-T, Variable-Primary-Flow (VPF) cooling design
• Cooling Tower System

Industrial Technology Group was the Owners’ Engineers and Detail Design Engineers. We completed:
• Energy Analysis and Financial Payback
• Design from the Conceptual Stages
• Process Design
• Process Flow
• Structural Design
• Detail Design
• Site Survey and Development Plan
• EPA Permitting


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