50 to 100 MGY Ethanol Plant Analysis, Illinois Prairie Ethanol, LLC

50 to 100 MGY Ethanol Plant Analysis
Illinois Prairie Ethanol, LLC
Tuscola, Illinois

Industrial Technology Group was retained by Illinois Prairie Ethanol, LLC (IPE) to provide professional engineering services for the potential development and construction of a 50 to 100 million gallon per year, fuel ethanol production facility in Tuscola, Illinois. The potential site is in an industrial area three miles west of Tuscola near a chemical plant. IPE is an Illinois limited liability company formed for the express purpose of designing, constructing, and operating a dry grind ethanol plant in east central Illinois.

ITG evaluated various aspects of the project and provided a conceptual engineering package and presentation. Results of the evaluation indicated that final design and construction would be completed within 14 to 16 months after the permit applications and preliminary engineering were completed. The report provided evidence that the IPE had human resources and assets available to participate and maintain this schedule.

ITG will prepare the initial engineering, assist in the selection of a technology provider, prepare bid documents, and assist in the selection of EPC companies to construct the plant and its infrastructure.

ITG also evaluated several alternate sites, cogeneration operations, and water use options. ITG has teamed the owner with various ethanol technology providers as well as several options for contractors to allow the best quality and on time delivery of a finished plant.

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