Alcorn Energy Permitting Support, Lurgi PSI

Alcorn Energy Permitting Support
Lurgi PSI

Industrial Technology Group (ITG) provided layouts, cost estimates and permitting support for the Alcorn Energy project. ITG’s scope of work included:
• Three schematic designs for the coal, limestone, lime, and ash material handling systems
• Cost estimates for each of the scenarios for owner review and selection
• Emission constituents for the selected design
• Electronic drawing of final layouts for Lurgi PSI to include in the overall plot plan

ITG advised the owner what aspects of the coal island of the facility would be critical to the installation cost, operations, and maintenance. ITG worked with the owner and their needs to develop a layout that will provide a cost efficient and effective facility with an operation life over 20 years. ITG has taken in to account that the facility will likely be expanded in the future and it will be flexible in the range of fuels used.

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