Ethanol Refinery, Central Illinois Energy

Ethanol Refinery
Central Illinois Energy
Canton, Illinois

Provided Owner’s Engineering Service on the following:
• Contract preparation and general technical oversite for a 40 million GPY, fuel grade ethanol from corn dry mill/batch fermentation process
• Cogeneration scheme for 4 megawatt, coal-fired, combined cycle cogeneration power plant close coupled to ethanol plant
• Coal boiler design for 140,000 pph, 650 psig, 750 deg F super heat coal fired boiler coupled to back pressure steam turbine generator set
• Extraction of all plant process steam from steam turbine at 150 psig, net export to process of 140,000 pph, sat steam
• Innovative thermal oxidation of distillers grain drying exhaust vapors at coal boiler
• IEPA permit application preparation
• Site selection and plant layout development
Provided Final Engineering for the following:
• City water source and on-site central water treatment area
• High purity/soft water provided to ethanol/fermentation process
• Ultra high purity water provided to cogen boiler facility
• Potable water provided to all departments as necessary to serve departmental needs
• Site preparation/development with respect to rough grade and utilities infrastructure
• Electrical switchyard for grid interconnection and distribution of power to all project departments
• Gas supply and distribution from site gas-metering station
• Fire-loop water supply/pumping facility
• Corn receiving, storage (silo and pile) drying and corn handling facilities
• Bulk coal handling facilities
• Tie point schedules and OSBL interconnections with utilities and process tie points

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